Lets meet the ruins and arqueological circuits of chavin culture, Sechin, Punkuri, Pañamarca, Las Aldas and Chankillo

preinca history in casma ancash perú


It is the main archaeological center of the province of Casma, and one of more important archaeological monuments of Peru for its antiquity, architectonic beauty and cultural content.

It is considered as the older stone vestige of the country, with around 4 000 years of antiquity. It is a Temple - Palace built in the North skirt of the hill. One arrives at Sechín driving 2 kilometers by the Casma - Huaraz's route next to kilometer 375 of the Pan-American North highway. The architectonic complex has five buildings, a stone gallery and a sunk center.





chankillo temple, casma, Ancash, Perú



The archaeological ruins of Pañamarca are formed by three located pyramidal buildings on a hill. It was done by the Moche culture. The mochicas expanded until the Valley of Nepeña and to assure his South border they built this center monk-military that is famous by his colorful murals, although now, by the lack of conservation, such drawings have erased. The murals show prisoners with the body surrounded by serpents, sacred men with enormous claws in threatening positions, sacred foxes with wings that make offerings of chicha with silver's glasses, priests with strange hats with elaborated details. They are marching past with the purpose of flattering their gods or scaring the spectator.


punkuri ruins, Casma, Ancash, Perú



sechin temple and mummies of sechin museum, Ancash, Perú



It is at 15 km to the Southeastern of Casma. It is a stone strength formed by three ovoid walls. Chankillo is built in the top of a hill that gives a natural viewpoint. From that point you can see the archeological centerk, Casma's valley and Sechín's valley. Chankillo is 2,200 years old.

The fortress is a three towers ovoid an concentric. In front of it, in the middle of the desert, there is a small hill where you can see the thirteen towers, a set of aligned cubical constructions. It might be that these structures appeared in some ritual, perhaps it is related to the lunar calendar.


pañamarca ruins, Casma, Ancash, Perú


The Punkurí's temple is located in Nepeña's valley at 430 km to the north of Lima. It is built of mud and it consists of four levels. There have been sculptures that denote the chavin's culture influence, like the one of a jaguar. It was found by Julio C. Tello, the father of peruvian archeology. It is seems that this temple has 4000 years of existence. In the middle of this temple arises a majestic sculpture of the Punkurí deity, a monstrous image that appears sitting; and it represents the great demon (feline of great teeth). Apparently the constructors of Punkurí are tie to the Sechín culture. Other two divergent theories as far as their age exist: while Tello argues that it was a chavin ceremonial center, others affirm that its origin is pre-Chavín

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