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This beautiful bay is located at 18 kilometers to the north of Casma. It water is clear and calm, ideal for marine activities like swimming, fishing, diving and submarine hunting.

Until year 1930 marine turtles with great size were seen in Tortugas but moved away by the indiscriminate hunting. The beach's shape is like a horseshoe that gives a majestic view.

For the receptive tourism Tortugas has good hotels and restaurants.





 La Gramita beach, Tortugas, casma, Ancash, Perú



It has blue water and white sand, ideal for camping and relaxing with the family at weekends. The access to this hidden corner is by 4 x 4 trucks. It is an almost hidden road in a sandy way at km. 347 of the Pan-American North Highway and it extends about 15 kilometers (that yes, we recommend to go into with a vehicle all land), soon appears a circuit of inhospitable and almost inaccessible but beautiful beaches. The Huaro is an isthmus: two opposite beaches divided by sand. One side calm and another moved. When the sea raises and the two masses of water come together they became an island.




La Gramita Las Aldas, Casma, Ancash, Perú



 Tortugas bay, Casma, Ancash, Perú



This small sand beach is south Tortugas bay. You can get there by walking and bordering the Tortugas' hill, or in small boats.Its blue water and fine sand offers a nice scene where you can have a great view of the neighboring Tortugas'island.

If you like to rest in a virgin beach to visit La Gramita is an excellent decision.



Punta El Huaro, Casma, Ancashi, Perú



You can get to this beach of pure fine sand and many marine resources . At km 345 of the Pan-American North route, where there is a way towards the sea. Its pleasing atmosphere allows the visitor calm and privacy, being an excellent place for resting.

Next to la Gramita, there is a place called Las Aldas were you can practice aquatic sports like submarine fishing and diving. Almost 4000 years these same places were occupied by ancients Peruvians that left a ceremonial center as dumb witness of their presence.


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